Women’s Tests, and How To Pass Them Successfully

All men know the following situation: You are talking to a woman and you are having quite a good conversation, but suddenly she throws something totally bizarre at you which seemingly came out of thin air, and you simply do not know how to react. Automatically you have become less attractive in her eyes. This is something to be prevented.

These tests are called “shit tests” by professional seducers (the pickup artists). This doesn’t sound exactly friendly, but describes the issue quite aptly: it depends on the shit (from a man’s viewpoint) that a woman can suddenly throw in a man’s direction during a conversation, e.g. overly emotional behaviour, psychological drama, just about everything she can do to throw him off-track somehow. Most men have no answer for such a situation. And that is exactly the result the woman is not looking for, because after all she is searching for a good man for herself and doesn’t want to be disappointed.

Putting a man’s character to the test is especially important for women. But there are not so many options for this. Although she can find out about his character in a conversation, Mother Nature has also given her a very interesting variant: the shit tests. This way she can check quickly and effectively whether he possesses all those important traits of a “real man”. Most women do this absolutely unconsciously. Most men have no idea at all about how to respond.

Some tips for this:

From now on, we, as men, are always prepared to be tested, because after reading this blog entry, we know what is going on. That is why we don’t do the one thing that kills a date for most men: we don’t allow ourselves to be perturbed.

  • If we can’t come up with an answer for the “shit” she throws at us, we say nothing and simply smile or ignore the test entirely. It is important that we show that we have noticed the shit, but that it doesn’t interest us or that it is something simply too stupid to merit a reaction.
  • If we have a good answer, it has to be sarcastic and funny (by no means angry, offended, bitter or otherwise defensive), and we stay cool and relaxed.
  • In no case do we allow ourselves to get involved in a discussion and we don’t try to argue logically, as already said in “The Logical Trap“. The best strategy is to see your conversation partner as a little spoiled girl and deal with her accordingly.

Seeing the whole behaviour of a woman as a test has been proven to be successful, no matter whether we have just met, or have been married to her for two years already. She will always test us! But this doesn’t catch us unprepared anymore. Should it however happen, then we take it as a lesson for the next similar situation. If you play the scene again in your mind several times later on and think up a “good” answer, you will be prepared much better for next time. And in this case “practice makes perfect” is also valid, because it is difficult to succeed passing such tests without previous practice. My advice is therefore to flirt and date as much as possible, having as much fun as possible, so that you get the hang of it.