Women’s Psychological Test – Men’s “Secret Weapon” for the First Date

The following story is actually real: Constantine meets Christina at a student party. The two get along quite well and decide to go out for a walk together on the following day. Everything is going good: they laugh a lot, they both enjoy it, and he takes her hand. Perfect. Then he pulls out his cell phone to answer a text message, and she looks at the display and sees the wallpaper image: a picture of his dog, looking really nice and happy.

Suddenly she gets quiet and makes a very strange face. It takes a few minutes to persuade her to say what the problem is: some time ago, she went for a walk on the river bank with her entire family, dog included. The dog jumped into the water but wasn’t able to come out again on its own, so her father jumped in to help, but both of them drowned.

There was no way to get through to her after this and any attempt to keep up a normal relationship with her came to nothing.

Since Constantine is a good friend of mine, we discussed the matter extensively and came up with the idea of ​​how great it would be to have a psychological test available to help to avoid such situations. As the question “Have you ever been walking along the river and have your father and your dog lost their lives so that no dog pictures can be shown in your presence?” is a little bit too specific, I had to think of something else. The result is the Psychological Test for Women.

Christina’s story is of course terrible, and no jokes should be made about it.  However, if we consider what is really behind it, it becomes clear that the story is not only bad for Christina, but also for her entire environment. Christina has in fact only a very limited ability to form relationships with other people.

Therefore she needs urgent help, but this is something that she herself must become aware of, or perhaps someone among her close friends might suggest that she does something about it. From the perspective of the men who fall in love with her, Christina is a ticking bomb that can go off at any moment. To get protected against such things, I have designed a test with 10 questions that allows recognizing this and other similar issues.

A few interesting things which I had not actually foreseen resulted from the many tests conducted with “real” women of all ages and from many cultures:

The test provides for many hours of conversation with a woman and allows you to get to know her much better than the typical questions such as “Where do you work?”, “What kind of music do you like?” and similar boring stuff.
It allows you to establish a very special connection with her, of the kind that would otherwise be achieved only after many hours or even days (or perhaps never).

She finds the person asking the questions interesting, because he

  • a) is different from other men;b) poses questions that she was never asked in this way before;c) seems to be really interested in her;
  • d) does something with her that no other man has ever done before.

She goes on thinking for months about him, and in a positive context.
The further course of the evening can be controlled better with her answers, because her character can be more easily assessed.

You save much time because you realize very fast whether you have the right woman (according to your personal taste and for the purpose of the interaction) sitting in front of you or not.

A tool for a successful first date has therefore been created, with some “side effects” that are almost more important than its primary purpose. If you are interested, you will find more information here.