Why Women Should Make their Best Efforts

Of course, a modern woman feels really insulted with this at first sight: apparently she is only being reduced to her capacity of child-bearing machine, and specifically how well she deals with her offspring. Unfortunately this is true in part, because those are precisely the qualities detected by our hunter-gatherer brains that have hardly evolved over the last ten thousand years. A woman who is a good mother to her children, has of course good chances with all men, because biologically we are ultimately doomed to reproduce ourselves, and this is of course done best with a partner who has very good mother qualities.

But now the good news for our times: “Good motherly instincts” does not mean that this is just a simple reduction to bearing children but should be interpreted as follows: A woman who looks like having the potential to be a good mother, is perceived as attractive by men.

And lo and behold, we have landed at the good “inner values” for which a woman wants to be appreciated today.

And this is precisely what is relevant here, because the “good mothering qualities” are hidden within them. These are traits such as being positive, caring, attentive, intelligent, conscientious, humorous, etc., or if we want to formulate them in very modern business terms: Women should be good team players with great organisational skills, possess strong values and be able to work under a high load of pressure.

The only bad news here are that those women who do not possess these traits will have to take the trouble to improve in this respect. No man wants to have a selfish, unstable, lazy, inattentive, stupid and always grumpy b..ch for a partner. I often get to hear “But he should take me as I really am!” which unfortunately means nothing else than “I know I have some bad qualities, but I have absolutely no desire to improve and I won’t do anything for other people anyway!” And this takes us back to the start of the story: Who wants to have such a mother? Nobody. How does such a person feel? Quite bad and dissatisfied. So there is an urgent need for change in this respect, because a woman who doesn’t do this is simply not attractive. That’s that.

So, to say it clearly once more: “good motherly instinct” are nothing else than those famous “inner values” for which every woman wants to be appreciated. The more positive and better developed they are the more attractive men will find you. Because if you have the right inner values, you’ll automatically be a good mother.

By the way – this has nothing to do with your actual plans to have children in the future, but if you can show the potential to be a great mom, guys will not be able to resist you.