Why we Urgently Need Dating Advice

We often see surveys on TV, in magazines and on all dating and partner sites on the Internet such as “where is the best place for a first date” or “what your dream man/dream woman really wants”. The “psychologists” and “coaches” of these sites and articles base their advice this data. The result: little success for both sexes and frustration everywhere.

The main reason for this is that over the last few decades, the knowledge about attractiveness and appeal, masculinity and femininity has been lost almost entirely.

There are few men and women who can still flirt correctly and deal properly with the opposite sex. Most people caught up among many conflicting ideas on about how to behave properly and successfully, especially on a date or when flirting. Everybody gets even more anxious and of course radiate their nervousness. A never-ending vicious circle. Dating and flirting is now rarely more than trial and error for most people.

Unfortunately, the right advice which works and which is based on correct principles is often completely opposite to what we believe to be correct or incorrect. Many will feel uncomfortable following the advice on my site. But the fact is that this text is read by people who have little success with the opposite sex and are trying to improve – so please take my advice seriously and give it at least a try! What seems to be completely counterintuitive is often what works best.

The basic truth is, that not whether something is according to what your mother, your best friend, your work colleagues or anyone else are expecting, but rather what must be done in order to be successful. That is why cool pickup lines or seemingly easy and fast flirting and dating tricks as suggested by many sites, TV and magazines, will not work: Because most advice there is just produced to fill their pages or generate content – not to actually help anyone.

It is therefore important to not just do what others are expecting of you, what looks “right”, or what statistics pretend to show you, because evidently this has not worked so far. Now is time to simply forget the behaviour which has brought such poor results and to acquire the right set of skills which will lead us to success.

A very practical tip that is not just valid for dating, but for all of life, is the following: To just look back and analyze what happened when dating and flirting in the past, especially where we were not successful. We remind ourselves of our behaviour and what we said and done, and simply do not act the same way anymore. All that we need now is to get tips, such as on this site, and try out new things until we are successful.