The Two Magic Words That Can Re-Ignite The Passion In Your Relationship

It happens to most of us. You have a solid, stable relatonship. You and your partner love each other. You complement each other well.

Then you wake up one day and realize the passion in your relationship seems to have dimmed.

You both still care for each other very deeply, but what was once very exciting, even electric about your bond (conversations, sex, etc.) has become, well, routine.

Don’t worry! This occurs with most couples who have been together for an extended period of time. The good news? You can begin to re-ignite your passion for one another with these two magic words: “Thank You!”

Now, I realize that there are countless sites that offer numerous tips on how to put the excitement back in your relationship, and most are valid. Even I have written about relationship ruts.

However, an often overlooked root cause for the boredom we experience with our partners stems from the fact that, over time, we tend to start taking each other for granted.

Okay, to prove my point, take my challenge: make it a point to notice all of the things that your partner does for you, no matter how large or small.

Then, when he/she least expects it, express your heartfelt gratitude. Do this frequently. After about a week or so, my bet is you may be surprised at how your partner responds!

Please, don’t underestimate the power of gratitude. Remember, we all long to feel appreciated, especially by those we care about.

When you sow seeds of gratitude in your relationship, you will reap many benefits, including the passion you both deserve.