A Step By Step Guide On How to Make Her Cum

The cold hard truth is, a lot of men know little about pleasing women sexually. If you don’t know how to make her cum, you need to pay attention because this article could change your life. No matter how many times she fakes an orgasm or tells you it’s ok that you weren’t able to hold your load before she was able to climax, it is not ok and she is not happy with it.

Not to mention, if you are really being honest with yourself, you know when your sex game isn’t up to snuff.

While you are laying beside her with your thumb in your mouth asking if she wants to cuddle, she is laying there fantasizing about her ex that always made sure she had an orgasm first. The bottom line is, no woman wants to be with a guy who cannot satisfy her sexually. No need to be embarrassed if you fall in this category, the important thing to do is to accept it and then do something about it. In this article, we have taken the time to outline the entire process with step by step instructions on how to make her cum. Let’s get right to it.

Some people are audio/visual learners and some people learn better from reading. I am going to provide you with both. Check out the this quick video and keep reading.

This is the first and most important step in the process. Foreplay is set of emotional and physical acts that takes place in order to get her aroused. When foreplay is not introduced before intercourse, a woman is less likely to orgasm. Foreplay incorporates kissing, touching, licking and sucking the erogenous zones – the lips, neck, breasts and nipples, stomach, vagina, feet, toes and the buttocks. It can also involve dirty talk and compliments to make her feel good about herself or body.

The average guy usually just skims right through this part because all they can think about is getting right to it. In comparison to men, women take a lot longer to get turned on. Therefore you have stimulate her mind and her body before you just ram it in her. When it comes to foreplay, the trick is to take your time and attend to her needs. Think of it as preheating an oven before putting the turkey in. The oven has be to at the right temperature if the meat is going to cook properly.

2. Oral Sex

The next step after initiating foreplay is oral sex. Stimulating her genitals is the next step to ensure she reaches an orgasm. To stimulate her clitoris use your lips and tongue. She can lie on her back, stand or even sit. Stimulate her clitoris from underneath and make sure to slowly arouse every side by licking all around it.
Use the tip of your tongue to flick it in a teasing manner. You can escalate her arousal by inserting your tongue in and out of her vagina. At first, use the tip of your tongue and then the blade. You can later switch between deep strokes and shallow strokes. The ultimate secret to giving her excellent cunnilingus is through varying the strokes.

Insert one or two fingers inside her vagina canal and curl them up towards you until you feel a rough patch. This is the area where a woman’s g-spot is located. She will get a ton of pleasure when you tease her g-spot. Take your time and let her body tell you what to continue doing.

For example, if she is doing a lot of moaning and squirming when you are licking her a certain way, that is your cue to keep doing it. Slowly increase the speed of your tongue and finger movements until she is begging for more. At this point you will have to make a decision. You can either stop the licking and proceed to intercourse or you can keep going until she explodes all over you.

If you continue licking and give her a chance to cum, at least you made her cum first and if you end up blowing your load early during intercourse, at least she will still be somewhat satisfied. While it is perfectly fine to let her orgasm from oral sex even before you put your penis inside of her. Ideally you want her to respect your dick and tongue game. So here are my recommendations based on your sexual comfort level.


Play it safe, start with foreplay, continue with oral sex until she cums, give her a second to gather herself and focusing on moving to step 3.

• You go into the game (intercourse) up 1-0 because you already made her cum.• Less pressure on you to impress her with just penetration alone• Gives you a oops I was so excited I came early pass during sex (use only in the case of an emergency)

Cons (If your dick game is not up to par)
• She may be so satisfied with oral sex that she rolls over and goes to sleep before intercourse (leaving you hanging)• She may become more interested in you giving her oral sex than ever having intercourse (also leaving you with blue balls)

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More Advanced Guys

Go for the Gold! Start with foreplay, give her oral sex until she is ready to have an orgasm, but instead of letting her cum, move to step 3. If you choose this option, make sure you know how to last longer in bed, this will help to make her cum.

• She will be very impressed with your love making skills• She have respect for your dick and oral sex game• She will go above and beyond to impress you in the bedroom (head,toys, freaky positions)

Before reading the cons, let me just say this. According to sex expert and psychotherapist Jason Phelps, more than 50% of women do not have vaginal orgasms from penetration alone. Therefore, if she does not cum it does not always mean you did not stroke it right. There will be times where you know you did a great job based on her reaction, but she just didn’t cum.

If you are dealing with a woman like this, then go ahead and make her cum via oral sex. If she is able to climax solely from foreplay, oral arousal, then penetration, then proceed. The cons below are listed for the guy stopped the oral sex right before she was about to climax, went for the intercourse option then blew his load early, leaving her horny and without an orgasm (Good Ole Blue Clit). With that being said, here are cons.
• She will make excuses why she doesn’t want to have sex with you (busy, tired, headache)• She will not be interested in having sex with you• She will give you a Bad Dick Report (BDR) and tell her girlfriends you stink in bed

3. Intercourse

Once you have engaged in foreplay and stimulated her genitals, she is now ready for intercourse. By now you should already have a hard on and be ready to penetrate her. If you are not hard, relax and think of how good it is going to feel to be inside of her or ask her to give you some head to arouse you. She can suck your penis or stroke it gently to stimulate sexual arousal. Remember to practice safe sex by wearing a condom. Next, move into position and insert your penis in her vagina. Start off very slow and steady, gradually speeding up. Kiss her lips and neck as you stroke her.

Be sure to listen and observe her reactions, she will moan and tell you to keep going once you have found the right spot. Maintain a steady stroke once you found her optimal stroke speed. If you feel like you are getting ready to blow your load prematurely, try to think about something else to distract you like sports (it works). Asking her to slap you works as well. It may take a time or two to figure out what she likes. Every woman is different.

Don’t feel bad if she doesn’t have an orgasm via penetration, the first time around. Again, every one out of two women are unable to have an orgasm from penetration alone. Your focus should be on how to make her cum, but keep in mind most women love when you beat it up whether they cum or not.

4. Ejaculation

After being inside of her love box for a period of time, you will get to the point where you are ready to ejaculate. When you are ready to cum, choose a good spot to ejaculate. It could be her face, neck, breasts, stomach, vagina, feet or buttocks. Quickly withdraw your penis from her vagina, grab it firmly and then stroke it till you cum. No matter where you are planning to cum, discuss it with your partner first. The best spots to cum on include her face, mouth, breasts, vagina, or buttocks.

5. Cleaning up

Give her a warm wet towel to clean up any love juices that remain. If you beat it up good enough, she may even require a wet towel with a ice pack/bag of ice on the inside of it.

BOOM! There you have it. If you follow this step by step guide, you will have her fantasizing about you until the next time you time you sex her again. Just remember, men and women are vastly different. Apart from experiencing emotion differently, they experience sexual arousal differently.

Women like sex just as much as men to, BUT if you are unable to fulfill her sexual desires, she will find another guy who can and you will end up missing out. That is why knowing her sexual needs is of extreme importance. You do not have to be a sex guru to satisfy her, just follow these simple steps and she will definitely stick around for long time.

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