Why TV and Hollywood Movies Make Life Difficult for Us

It is very interesting to think about how much time we spend in front of the TV set. Most of the time we look at things that we do not need at all or that do not help us to achieve anything valuable in life. This is especially true for everything having to do with the topic of dealing with the opposite sex.

We are bombarded all the time by false ideal images and unrealistic depictions of love and relationships – and how things happen between men and women.

All those silly daily soap operas and those completely false ideals of love and relationship shown to us by Hollywood and lurid reports on the various TV channels clearly influence our behaviour and our expectations. What we want from life, love and our partner is shaped to a large extent by the media. This can happen quite directly when, for example, we get immersed in too many romantic movies or the like, but also indirectly when our best lady friend gives us knowledgeable tips on relationships that come not from her own experience, but from watching TV yesterday, where it was stated how badly men behave in relationships and what they should do about it. The problem is that a TV station does not hire a psychologist to give some honest advice about the subject, but had a trainee without any life experience sit down and take some notes about what he/she and his/her boss believe keeps people in front of TV, so that they keep watching all those ads that are broadcast every few minutes. Nothing else.

The moral of the story: We should listen to advice where someone gives advice about sex, love and relationships that comes at least from their own extensive experience, or better yet, where experts, after a lengthy course of study and long practical experience with real people are competent to provide real and working assistance. This is of course to be found here on my site, from me and my products, which were created precisely for real people in real situations, but there are also enough other experts with a similar background offering information that provides a real counterpoint to all that crap on TV.

Hollywood has secretly led us to believe for decades that love is a natural thing for which we don’t need to do anything: love comes overnight, all of a sudden, great and overwhelming. This is of course total bullshit. The greatest love will have a bitter ending (or it will never even grown into a relationship), if we don’t get active and practice a lot of how to interact with other people.

There is still something else that we should do: to use the TV only very little, and go out much more often and actively, participating in real life. Meet people, have fun, interact with real people, be active, be creative. Sometimes a crappy TV evening may of course be a great thing, but would it suffice, then you wouldn’t have landed on this article, nor would you be considering how you might improve your life.