What Is The Key To A Solid Relationship? T.R.U.S.T.

What exactly makes a relationship successful? What is the key to a healthy, happy union?

Almost every one of us have asked ourselves those very questions at some point in our lives.

I truly do not believe the majority of people enter into a serious relationship thinking it will fail.

So, why are so many of us unhappy in our relationships?

Why is the divorce rate in America as high as it is?

Why do so many couples fall so madly in love, then just as quickly fall out of it?

Of course there are no simple answers to these questions, although Lord knows I wish there were.

However, when I think of the couples I know who appear truly happy and content, there seems to be some common traits their relationships exhibit.

These traits, though not a guarantee for happiness, most definitely need to be present in any relationship in order for it to have the best chance of success.

These traits make up the acronym T.R.U.S.T:

T for Truth. Couples who are consistently honest with each other regarding what their goals and expectations are for their relationship tend to be more secure with each other. This security comes from the knowledge that they both know where each other stands. An excellent resource for learning how to start a meaningful dialogue with your partner is 1000 Questions For Couples.

R for Respect. Simply put, each partner must show due regard for the other’s feelings, dreams, goals, ambitions, beliefs and hopes.

U for Understanding. When we first fall in love, we tend to place our partners on pedestals. However, we must remember they are human beings with faults, flaws and foibles just like everyone else.
S for Support. Being in love is a breeze when times are good. Unfortunately, life isn’t always sunny and bright.

Our partners need our support the most when life throws us those curve balls. Couples who stand together when times are tough usually go the distance.

T for Thanks. Couples who show their appreciation for each other tend to have incredibly strong bonds. Makes sense doesn’t it? However, many of us begin to take our partners for granted over time. Don’t allow yourself to fall into this pattern. Let your partner know often how much you appreciate them.

Finally, make a commitment today to incorporate more T.R.U.S.T. into your relationships. My guess is, you may be surprised at the extent of the positive changes in your union you will witness as a result.