Revive Your Romance In 30 Minutes With This Forgotten Strategy

Unfortunately, it happens to every couple at some point. What used to be seemingly continuous nights of red-hot romance and passion have been replaced with mundane activities like planning out the next day’s agenda, or scolding your partner because of their ice-cold feet in bed.

What happened? Well, when relationships are new, your sexual desire for each another seems endless. Eventually, a huge wet blanket called “life” gets thrown on you.

Before you realize it, your hectic schedules, career obligations, family, children, etc. sap almost every spontaneous impulse right out of you.

So, instead of grabbing your partner at the end of the day, you reach for the Tylenol and call it a night.

Sound familiar? Well the good news is you can get that fire back in your love life, and you can do it in about 30 minutes a day. How?

In our daily frenzy to email, text, tweet and Facebook our mates, the simple, romantic act of READING to each other in bed has almost become a lost art.

Consider this, reading to each other in bed serves as a great way to deepen the feelings of intimacy between you and your partner. Begin right before you both go to bed. Take 30 minutes (or longer!) to read a spicy chapter out of an erotic novel.

My guess is you will be surprised at how you both react! Reading to one another is an excellent way to help forget the cares of the day in order to put the both of you in the mood for romance.

The beauty of this method is it doesn’t require expensive toys or other paraphernalia in order to be effective. It just requires reading material and the two of you!

So, what are you waiting for? Tonight grab a good book, curl up in bed with your partner, and let the sparks fly!

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