Relationship Problems? These Unique Sites Have The Answer!

As you probably know, online there is a sea of information regarding relationships – and much of it is pure garbage. Many self-styled “love gurus” make ridiculous promises such as: “Seduce ANY Woman, any WHERE Tonight With My Proven Technique!” or “Snag and Bag a Millionaire In Under 90 Days!”


So, when RegainYourRelationship.Com was launched in 2009, my main mission was, and continues to be, providing my readers with solid, practical and effective advice for creating successful, healthy relationships.

Suffice to say, I am learning so much from my professional peers, doing my own online research, and my readers. Consequently, one of the best experiences I have is establishing relationships with colleagues who share my goal and passion.

Because of the excellence of their work, their sincere desire to help others, and just being awesome people, I want to recommend to you a few of my colleagues’ sites. I feel you will find their unique perspectives and expertise very beneficial in helping you enrich your love life.

Okay, without further ado, let’s dive in:

photo credit: Reality Chick is the brainchild of two journalists (Pip Harry and Rachel Smith) from Sydney, Australia. With their combined experience, this dynamic duo provides exceptional relationship advice with their own unique brand of style, frankness, wit, humor and sincerity.

The Long Haul Project photo credit: TheLongHaulProject.ComThe Long Haul Project sprung from the creative minds of charming, married couple Tom and Melissa Dowler. Their goal is simple, yet profound: to travel the world to interview other married couples on their opinions as to what makes a modern marriage successful. Not only do Tom and Melissa post video footage of their interviews online, but they also write, blog and tweet about their ongoing quest to discover the secrets to a happy marriage. I love that they are taking an exciting, proactive approach to improving their relationship, and are generously sharing the answers they discover.

photo credit: Luvemorleavem.comLuvemorLeaveem.Com This site has become one of my absolute favorites. Created by Tina Tobin, provides opinionated, in-depth, common-sense advice on a variety of topics relating to relationships.

Among the site’s many features are: a reader’s forum, blog, and a video panel where Tina tackles topics not only from her perspective, but also includes those of other trusted life coaches. For example, Tina and her fellow “vloggers” recently examined the topic of whether couples should live together before marriage. Highly Recommended!

If you are having problems in your relationship, my sincere belief is these sites are among the best resources for real solutions. In my opinion, their advice, and perspectives on relationships, are a cut above the rest. Again, visit them and decide for yourself what sets these remarkable brands apart. I think you will be glad you did!