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In our first find soulmate post on the Spiritual Relationships site we discussed the three areas you need to work on in order to find your soulmate. Here we will be discussing the first one: your inner-self.

To begin with we’re going to be talking about beliefs and self-image. What things do you believe about yourself? Do you think you’re attractive? Imagine your soulmate, do you think you are someone that they would want? How do you feel about yourself? Suppose you went on a date with your soulmate; how confident do you feel about how it would progress?

Your beliefs and your self-image come through in the way that you talk to yourself.

If you do something wrong do you beat yourself up? If you’re feeling angry or upset do you ask yourself ‘why do I feel this way’? Changing the way you talk to yourself is an important first step in improving your self image.

One of the best ways to feel better about yourself is to improve yourself physically and mentally. Improve your fitness and you body and it will start to improve how you feel about your body. In our articles Bringing Women Into Your Life and How To Be Attractive To Men we discuss a lot of things you can do attract your desired partners to you. Included in this is getting in shape and improving your body.

One of the most important things about your inner-self is also your energy. Masculine and Feminine people have different reasons for being. Their energy is aligned differently.

The masculine energy stems from the core of your being and has a core purpose. What is your purpose? Not just in life but in this stage of your life. Are you doing something to mould and shape the world? Are you doing things that are truly masculine and primal? Your core is who you truly are, the real you. The you that has desires and urges, the you that wants to hunt and conquer. Being true to your core means contributing something to the world, shaping it in some little way to make your mark.

The feminine energy on the other hand is about nurturing and creation.

What are you doing to improve the world? What are you doing to enrich the world? For the feminine being true to your core is about feeling what the right thing to do is. It’s not always about the smartest or most impressive thing, it’s about the right thing. It’s about making an impact on the world that is positive and nurturing. It is a creative force, one that approaches from many angles and one that is intuitive about how the world works.

To help you work from your core and as a result develop a strong, powerful and confident inner-self have a look at our section on Meditation. Meditation is a powerful tool that can not only help improve your energy and your impact on the world, but also make you feel better about yourself. As meditation relaxes you and makes you more present, it improves your self image and helps reshape your beliefs about the world and yourself.
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