Why the First Date Shouldn’t Be a Date

This sounds really weird, doesn’t it: that, when talking about a first date, a date is actually a very bad idea. Nonetheless, it is right. A date is one of the dumbest things a man can do to get a woman.

A “date”, in the traditional sense, means a meeting, often in such horrible places like restaurants or cinemas where a man does not even get the chance to show his appeal. Rather, a typical interview situation is created -much like a job interview- in which the woman questions and assesses the interviewed individual, and then perhaps deigns to approve a second interview, which then runs just the same way. Maybe the food was free for her and she is ready to suffer his presence once again (but just once) for another free dinner, but more often than not nothing else happens.

Except for the free dinner such a date situation is also unsuitable for a woman, because she actually really wants to get to know him and she feels almost as uncomfortable in the interview situation as he does.

Both of them want to have an honest chance to get to know each other, and to have as much fun as possible while doing so. And this is of course not possible if they are both sitting like cats on a hot tin roof while watching each other furtively. In such a situation they feel uncomfortable and cannot present their attractive traits optimally. In addition, this situation leads to more opportunities to assess the other person negatively, and to be perceived negatively oneself.

What should an ideal date be like then? I am creating an entire website here with many tips and tricks, books and other products, about this subject. But no matter what we do on a date and how we plan it: it should be fun – for both!