Massage: How This Sensual Art Can Lead To Greater Intimacy

One of the most common complaints couples express is how difficult it is for them to make time for intimacy and sex.

Work, business, children, extended family, financial pressures, etc., are among the considerable responsibilities couples have to manage in their lives.

Sadly, it is a surprising fact that many couples put romance and physical intimacy on the back burner, while they deal with all of the demands their hectic schedules impose on them.

However intimacy, which most definitely includes sex, is vital to the health of your relationship. This is one of the main reasons why this blog focuses quite a bit of attention on providing information lovers can use to maintain, and even increase, intimacy.

Intimacy is so important because it is the life-blood of our relationships.

The Godsend of Massage Therapy

Recently, I wrote a post featuring romantic, yet inexpensive date night ideas. In response to that post, one of my astute readers, Nicole P., made an excellent recommendation. She advised couples experience a type of massage called reflexology.

Nicole not only recommended couples get the massage, but also that they learn some of the techniques to use on each other.

Honestly, what a very creative and romantic idea! Of course, reflexology is only one of many different types of massages available. Massage offers a great many benefits including:

  • stress relief
    mood enhancement
    improved blood circulation
    pain relief
    ease of tension

Scheduling a couples massage session is also a fantastic way for you and your partner to spend an evening together while you both get pampered.

Not only that, but many spas offer classes you can take together so you can learn techniques for use at home.

Learning massage techniques will be a gift to you both. One which will literally will keep on giving!

For More Help

Finally, please do not sacrifice intimacy and sex in your relationship due to the pressures of adult life. It’s far too important.

In fact, one of my favorite authors, Michael Webb, has written a great sex book specifically for couples to use to keep the excitement alive in the bedroom. I highly recommend it.

And thanks again, Nicole, for the wonderful tip!

Do you have any tips, strategies or ideas other busy couples can use to keep the romance alive in their relationships? Please share your thoughts by commenting below.