Why the First Date is so Important

The first date can happen in many ways, so we should first clarify what we mean: The first personal meeting with a person of the opposite sex. This can happen because we have spoken to our dream woman in the supermarket, the first meeting after flirting on the Internet, or just an absolutely normal date, e.g. a dinner together.

Of course we want as little as possible to go wrong, to present ourselves in the best possible way, avoid too many mistakes and handle the situation easily. We have already discussed a few principles about personal hygiene, clothing and body language, but this is just a beginning – some obvious principles that serve to be noticed by women in the first place.

Depending on the objective for our date – everything from casual sex to a long lasting relationship – we ought to think about what steps we should undertake in order to be successful.

Learning these steps and mastering them successfully, is the main goal of my blog. Here’s the bad news: there is no quick fix, no perfect plot, no easy trick, and no spontaneously always-working pickup lines that lead to success. In fact, it’s like a diet: the miracle diets that promise everything are absolute nonsense and do not help you to lose weight: very often you find yourself with more fat on your ribs than before you started. The trick to losing weight is to eat less and more healthy and to exercise. Everything else is just writing to sell people a dream that will never come true.

The good news is that dealing properly with the opposite sex is something that can be learned. No man on the planet is too stupid, too fat, too ugly, too old or too poor! Anyone can learn all that is needed to succeed with the opposite sex.

Therefore, the first date is much more than just a personal meeting where we have to hope that everything works out somehow, and if it doesn’t, we must have had just “bad luck”. Quite the contrary: the first date consists of clearly defined and easily identifiable steps, which must be mastered. If as little as possible is left to chance, our goals are quite easy to reach.

Why is the first date so important? Because it this is where we succeed or fail. If we are not prepared adequately, then we have wasted the other person’s and your own time. Life is much too short and precious for this to happen.