Make Your Ex Call- Let Me Teach You How

Are there magic words you can use to make your Ex call you back after several attempts?

It may be a little hard to believe but there are words that will almost put a magic spell and get your Ex to almost feel like they have to call you back right then. Is this cool or what?

I want to share this with you because this is one of the top questions I get all the time from so many subscribers just like you that are trying to repair their relationship and get things straight with their Ex. So I would love to answer your question, How do I get my Ex to return my Text, IM, or Phone Call?

Now, I must warn you first! In the Magic Of Making Up, we lay out a total complete strategy. When using this strategy alone, without a much needed overall plan, you may rip your relationship more than if your Ex had never even returned your call at all. Here is what not to ever say!

Now before we get into the actual words, let’s go over what message almost never ever works and much worse than that, puts you in the worst of a psychological position. There are 2 categories these could definitely fall into:

A Desperate Plead: This is where the message sounds kinda like Gavin, I beg of you, please, please call me. This is like the third time I have called you. I must to talk to you right now

Heres another, the sake of an emergency Amber, this is quite of an emergency. You have got to call me
as soon as you get my message. You can now probably see what is wrong with the both of those approaches, right? So, Im not gonna go on and on about that..

Now to your advantage you should use Curiosity and Self Esteem.

The most two powerful forces in the human brain are self interest and yup you got it curiosity.

Here is the biggest secrete of them all!

When you combine both of these, you have a recipe that will work like a magic pill.

So Now we can look at what you can say that works nearly almost every single time.

You should put this in the most friendliest tone:

Hi Gavin! It’s Amber! I wanted to let you know I appreciate what you done for me. Call me because I would like to thank you in person rather than on the phone.

Do you see how that uses both curiosity and self interest? Travis will not be able to resist! What did I do? What does she appreciate? He will be thinking and he feels good because it is a positive message.

Now before you call you need to do the Set Upwhich is trying to figure out what he/she did that you so appreciate.

It can be any of the smallest of things, but needs to be within reason. You know what I mean? Sure you do, but remember now and more importantly

Second Warning!

Please have an underlying strategy to use like we lay out in the Magic Of Making Up System. Which is before you call. If you were to apply this technique with no underlying strategy and they do call you back you might just do more damage than good if you dont try and handle this method correctly. Okay?

Now what I am trying to say is, what you do before, during and after you get them to return your call is more important than getting them to return your call at all. Does this make sense to you now?

Remember now, you must have a plan!