Why Men Want Faithful Women Basics September 23, 2012posted by Dr. Jochen Konrad, PhD.

Fidelity is an important consideration for men when choosing a partner. This fact is also rooted deeply within our past as hunters and gatherers. A woman who is not faithful is less likely to bring her own man’s children into the world, but perhaps somebody else’s. At the same time, the probability of her staying at his side and raising his offspring successfully is also smaller. Therefore we have a whole bunch of negative aspects here, and although they are not that important anymore in our day and time, unfortunately our brain has not adapted to our modern world, nor will it do so in the foreseeable future.

That’s why even today an unfaithful woman with many partners is still seen in a less favourable light than a man who behaves in exactly the same way. The bad news for women: it will remain this way forever! No moaning and complaining will help here either: this is just the way it is. The sooner we learn to deal with it, the more likely we will be happy and satisfied.

There are some strategies to be followed by women in order to live with this fact:

To be unfaithful and to have as much fun as possible with many men. However, should you opt for this, you shouldn’t wonder if you are abused or even called a slut. We have explained the reasons for this above, and if you choose to do so, you should do so consciously and be able to live with it.

To be unfaithful, but without letting anybody know. If you are skilful in lying, and can look into the eyes of your fellow human beings (especially your partner’s eyes) without any problem while doing so and still sleep well at night, then there is obviously the possibility of living like this. I have no intention to judge this morally here: everybody should live like they want, bearing the consequences of their own behaviour.

To be faithful. It is interesting to see that a faithful person leads a much simpler life, and is much happier than someone who constantly needs to keep a house of lies upright.

If you have never attempted to do this, you will obviously find this to be something very unusual. Infidelity leads you to believe that you have success with men, are loved and desired, are attractive, etc., but these are only superficial and very short-term feelings that you can experience anyway in a partner relationship.

You can get to depend on these short episodes, just as on the kick of drugs or alcohol. Infidelity also affects the psyche of people, and what remains is only a feeling of constant dissatisfaction and emptiness. Satisfaction is the condition to be reached in the long run, and the best way it works is being faithful.

Every woman gets enough opportunities to find a partner. She should make every effort to act faithfully in case of intending to enter into a real partnership based on trust and respect. If this is the case, then it is of course very easily put into practice, but it can also be simulated. Although men don’t have their senses to detect lies as well developed as women, they will realise sooner or later if their partner is lying. And naturally they will behave accordingly. No matter what kind of lifestyle a woman chooses, “fidelity” is one of the attractiveness features that is in the first places of the (un)conscious wish list of men and cannot be ignored under any circumstances.